No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves

The full range of No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves are available to purchase from our retail website:

We’re delighted to have added to the No Nuts Cymbals Sleeves system to our range.

  • No Nuts Cymbals Sleeves eliminate the need for wing nuts to Secure Cymbals & Felts are Optional – For a fast, and easy setup
  • Squeeze Fit Sleeve Stays on Stand When Packed Up
  • Elastomeric Compression Fit on Cymbal Stand Post: 8mm and 6mm
  • Rigid Base Supports Cymbal without Deflection.
  • Abrasion Resistant, Long Term Performance and Protects Cymbal
  • Extended Length of Sleeve Prevents Hard Hitting Cymbal Dismount 

The products in the No Nuts Cymbals Mounting System include: